Wednesday Nights at Marcus Pointe




Marcus Pointe Baptist Church offers a variety of activities on Wednesday nights for all ages. From our Groups for adults, BTR Life for students, and MP Kidz for the little ones, Wednesday Night is Family Night at Marcus Pointe!


5:00 PM • WEDNESDAY NIGHT DINNER • FEB. 16th - Po Folks


MP Kidz

MP Kidz Nursery: 6:30 PM

MP Kidz Jr. (3 & 4 yrs.): 6:30 PM

MP Kidz Praize: 6:30 PM

Centershot: 6:30 PM 

BTRLIFE Students

Worship Services:

High School: 6:30 PM • Student Center

Middle School: 6:30 PM • Middle School Center


College / Adults

Wednesday Dinner: 5:00 PM

Wednesday Night Groups: 6:30 PM

Choir Practice / Worship Team: 6:30 PM

College: 7:30 PM